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Sunever International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Sunever International is a premium manufacturer of OEM Parts, Automation Equipment and Parts, and Press Mold Components, serving the Automotive, Appliance, Electronics and Computer, Semiconductor, Marine, and Machine Tools industries.

Sunever International can efficiently and economically supply both low volume and high volume custom manufactured metallic and plastic parts. They can produce metal parts using lost wax casting and gravity casting processes, and plastic parts using press molding. Their 130 employees currently operate 150 sets of CNC lathes, 70 CNC milling machines, and various other equipment, in compliance with an ISO 9001 management system.

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STX Multifeed

We are proud to act as agent for the STX Multifeed Technology.

STX Multifeed® is unique, innovative, highly efficient technology to convert any carboniferous feedstock (coal, rubber, RDF, MSW, Industrial / Medical Waste, used oil, etc.) to synthetic natural gas.